iFuck™ Unabridged

Why the iFuck™ this little iWhore™ yells at me? iI™ don’t give a flying iFuck™ about her iProblems™. If the stupid iBitch™ thinks she got a real iLove™ with her iBoyfriend™ then let her iGo™ and iFuck™ herself. Oh, iPlease™! For iGod™ sake, iWe™ iLive™ in a iFree™ country and iI™ can do with my iCunt™ as iI™ please. He’s a bloody iIdiot™ who looks for every iWhole™ to put in his iDick™. iFuck™ iIt™!

Hereby I state that iFuck™, iSex™, iDick™, iCunt™, iYes™, iNo™, iI™, iIt™, iWe™, iLove™, iGod™, iSky™, iAir™, iBird™, iDo™, iSee™, iKnewIt™ and iAlwaysKnewIt™ altogether with the words that are not explicitly used in the publication above but are implied, hinted, assumed or could be implied, hinted or assumed under any imaginable circumstances however derailed, deranged or deliriumed the imaginator is as well as the words that could appear in the text above though do not yet but are anticipated or could be anticipated are the property of the current owner that is his majesty the author and could not be used for any purpose that either directly or indirectly serves the means of benefiting their user in all cases but the case when the user of the above-mentioned words is their legal author.


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