Invitation for beheading


Стойте, я вам говорю, стоять!

Немедля dolce_vita в зад, без промедлений — куда?

Куда улепетнул кудрявый ангел? Его не ценили, не чтили — нет ЖЕ, отнюдь нет, строго обратно — перед ним благоговели, боялись, трепетали комментировать, но всегда читали с неподдельным интересом, лишь боясь сморозить какое-нибудь очередное не то. И что же? И вот его нет, вот его нет … В рассвете лета, оставив на столе печальную записку — к обеду не ждите.

Dear R, excuse me my phonetic English standing for your name.
Your last lust couldn’t come out so badly you decided to erase the whole journal, could it? Your proceeding of early termination of young although virtually eternal life should be cancelled, our (I mean academicals colloquialism of just a single person, still:) community does not accept this freewill escape, U’ll be brought back by any means. This pagan voluntarism is not an option nowadays. It’s not threatening, of course, sorry for been a kind of a jerk — but believe it or not, we (and again it might be an exaggeration) do not let U collapse in solemn solitude.
My last and only question is if no one was brute enough to compel you committing the crime of the virtual suicide? Otherwise you’ll be blamed and prosecuted under current law, with no excuse or ex curse whenever imprecated whomever by.

Пусть there are only few admirers of your blossoming verbal gift right now, hence they are devoted and contributive as well as excessively stubborn concerning U being back.

Так вернись же, о первостатейная, превосходящая силами соперников, ловкая, сильная, рождённая из пены морской, вовсе не мирской скройки таинственной тройственной души чаровница-ворожея-witch.

8 thoughts on “Invitation for beheading

  1. немедля dolce_vita в зад, без промедлений


    почему не обучалась я по всяким лит. институтам?
    почему не принадлежу к надменным эмбиэйям?
    prosecution, оно как-то интереснее
    буду каменной статУей предаваться мудрости

    I always knew it: living in New Jersey nurtures one’s creativity


    • Re: немедля dolce_vita в зад, без промедлений

      Oh, come on, I was just goofing around, didn’t mean to mangle U anyhow.

      And stop teasing NJ ruralness, it sucks enough without any of your jests.

      Just be back, we all miss your crazy trilingual texts and mexican moon dreams.

    • listen to your momma and manu chao

      and you’ll no longer require cheap comic books (self-identification).

      I was serious about Jersey: you get the brightest ideas, you become your most lyrical, transcendent, complete self at 1 a.m. when there’s nothing on public channels and noone out.
      ultimately, people (especially, damsels of all kinds) will appreciate you for hard-earned eloquence. :)

    • Re: listen to your momma and manu chao

      Well this kind of eloquence is harder to waste out, than to earn, it’s a sort of the birth-implanted walky-talky, smth contraverse to above-mentioned damsels ya-ya :-)

      And it’s always noone out and nothing at TV, ’cause U r in NJ, U know.

      So, when will U be back to energetic life and NY dizziness? To your everydays whining about the whole thing and grocery-sellers enchanting stories? Ukrainian kvitka of nearest Manhattan, it’s a must for U to restore the journal, tell me U know it.

      I wish U weel and have a good one.

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