London Tube, the repressing public space

London Tube is one of the most depressing yet disturbing public spaces I’ve ever been taking into consideration it’s not meant that way. At least I assume it’s not meant that way though the facts are opposite so far.

Set #1, the left top is the Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne by Francis Bacon, which has been on exhibit at Tate Britain at the time of visit, the rest is some social advertisement.

London Subway

Set #2, the bottom left is The Emperor Rudolph II as Vertumnus by Arcimboldo, exhibited at permanent collection at National Gallery, the rest is some social advertisement.

London Subway 1

Set #3, overly welcoming signs in London Underground. They seem to be everywhere and locals don’t notice it any longer. The prevailing topic is Danger. The second popular theme is Death.

London Subway Signs

2 thoughts on “London Tube, the repressing public space

  1. yeah we love themes of danger and death us londoners! Several of those ‘social’ adverts were for museum exhibitions though, maybe that is worse! Thanks for noticing how crazy the signs are and for providing the only photos i could find on the net! you might be interested that in bethnal green the adverts as you go up the escalator have been removed and in their place some colourful ‘artistic’ lines have been painted on, odd but it beats looking at videos of dead eyed models punting jeans and perfume.

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