Fucking annoying douchebag

While we were bicycling around Williamsburg we have decided to go to a park, the one where Hipster Olympics were held and filmed. The first thing we’ve noticed there was a big crowd of punk-looking youth. They were pretty quiet and apparently barbecueing. The first word I could comprehend out of the crowd’s mumbling was infamous hipster’s “douchebag”.

We put our bicycles on the grass and tried to mingle with the party. Alas, we could not since there were no black leather, piercing or tattoos on us. We still looked marginal — appointed but not embraced.

Thus we’ve got two ideas:
1. From now on turn to each other as “Brother douchebag”
2. Organize a rock-band naming it “Punks Undercover”. The band would re-sing old hits of Modern Talking, CC Catch, Sabrina but in a punk manner.

9 thoughts on “Fucking annoying douchebag

  1. сейчас уже восвоясях
    я все какими-то галопами
    только сейчас понял что у меня даже имеется твой телефон

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