Do the aliens know that they aren’t alone?

Do they wake up at night, yelling:
You, ape-descendant motherfuckers,
Please, discover us already!
We, the mighty white lizards of кремниевого peninsula,
Are tired of living in the suspended state of infinitely slow animation.

Do they send funny colored balloons into butane stratosphere
That carry self-regenerating radios, broadcasting:
We need an active observer to propel our ilk out
Of the superimposed state
And into being:

to fornicate and lay down eggs
under the evanescent shadows
of ever paling triplet of dwarfing suns.

Do they anticipate us, the liberators of cosmos,
To descend and bring the so needed chaos
Into their so called lives?

Rejoice, the aliens, you are not alone:
We are in it together!

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