диалоги Вавилона

Je ne parle pa Francais — говорю я ему
Je ne parle pa Anglais — отвечает мне он
oui, oui — соглашаемся мы
dix tommorow — говорит он
demain at ten? — вторю я
oui, oui — боромочем мы оба
au revoir, monsieur — заканчиваю разговор я
good by, sir — говорит он

7 thoughts on “диалоги Вавилона

    • first i’m throwing tomatoes at isabella rosselini, until about 10:30pm, then – free as a bird. I can squeeze you in somewhere btw. rosselini and my promiscous adventures
      actually i wanted to ask you about the reasoning behind our decision to communicate in English.
      Russian language may not be the most romantic but it is our heritage, our culture. It should be our pride I think.
      Let’s convert and become pro-Russians!

    • promiscuity again? that doesn’t sound particularly pro-Russian. in fact, it sounds absolutely and positively like a pro-Western, “look-at-me-i-am-for-killing-men-and-babies” feminist narrative that, by its very nature, is deeply anti-Russian. are you sure about your loyalties and allegiances here, sweetness?

      regarding being squeezed, i certainly don’t mind, but i also feel like i want and need something more, like love, friendship, affinity, blue sky, carefree laughter, long walks on the beach and in the rain (your hand in mine), kittens, apple pie, sushi and other good ol’ american values. can you offer me all that in between your rotten tomatoes and meaningless, hand-cuffs-induced sex?

      -твоя россия для русских

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